Possible Heartland Suspect Details Emerge

An accused Israeli cyberthief arrested in Canada last year may prove to be involved in the Heartland data breach, according to one report. Ehud Tenenbau, known by the handle "The Analyzer," is quite possibly involved in both the RBS WorldPay breach as well as the breach at Heartland, as law enforcement officials "have used similar language to describe an international conspiracy that is targeting multiple financial institutions," reports the Information Security Resources blog.

"Heartland was apparently breached sometime in the Spring of 2008, but was supposedly not aware of the security lapse until notified by Visa and MasterCard at the end of October that they had problems," the report said. "This corresponds to the time line of similar criminal activities revealed in the investigation of Tenenbaum, with the majority of activity beginning in early 2008 and lasting most of the year."