Pose launches e-commerce

Online apparel exchange Pose unveiled a new feature of its Web- and app-based digital photo sharing service. Users will now be able to buy, sell and trade clothing and accessories.

Having officially launched after testing began in May, Pose will compete in the digital fashion resale market against established companies such as eBay, The Real Real, Poshmark and Tradesy, reported Women's Wear Daily.

"We are seeing unique items that 10 years ago people used to hunt for on eBay," Rachel Rutherford, co-CEO of Pose told Women's Wear Daily. "They are the things that people go to the flea market for. It is a niche for us. If you look at Poshmark, that maybe is where you can buy khakis. We are not really the place to go buy khakis. We are the place to find a unique handbag or scarf. Our girl is looking for a self-expression piece that Pose has always had as a brand that is carrying over to commerce."

Pose allows users to upload photos of their outfits to share with friends.  Now, the platform will work in almost the same manner for retail, but customers can add a price and turn the look into a listing.

Pose takes a 20 percent commission on all sales.

Pose began as a start-up in 2011. The plan back then was to subsist on digital advertising. When that failed, Pose merged with another start-up, Little Black Bag, a social shopping site. The result was a unique shopping consignment experience allowing users to trade merchandise directly with friends. To date, Pose has more than 2.8 million registered users.

Pose joins the growing list of mobile platforms that are adding retail capabilities to their social apps. Spring recently announced the launch of an app that allows users to shop directly from a community of brands within the mobile social shopping space. Similarly, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been testing out "Buy Now" buttons that essentially morph social networking into an e-commerce opportunity.

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