Polaroid Fotobar opening 7 micro-stores

Polaroid Fotobar announced the opening of seven micro-retail locations in select Westfield Malls in California. The experimental retail concept will showcase the 300 sq. ft. stores that allow customers to turn digital photos into pieces of art.

At these micro-retail stations, consumers can instantly transform their pictures into three different sized prints, which can be collected into Polaroid Shadowboxes or other picture accessories.

"Our new micro-retail stores represent the best of our technology, merchandising and retail knowledge, creating a highly scalable, efficient store model that can be rolled out nationwide," said Warren Struhl, founder and CEO, Polaroid. "Two years ago when we launched Polaroid Fotobar, our goal was to reinvent how consumers interact with their digital photography in a fun manner. Now, we have a brand new retail footprint in which consumers can print their best memories for their wall, desk or shelf."

The seven micro-stores will open throughout late October and early November—just in time for the holidays—in malls in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose, California. 

The Polaroid Fotobar launched in 2012 and currently operates within traditional stores in South Florida and Las Vegas. Locations allow customers to print photos and display them in a selection of frames and displays. The stores also offer Polaroid products such as cameras.

Polaroid is following a growing trend among retailers to open smaller format stores. Big box stores such as Walmart (NYSE:WMT), under the Neighborhood Market and Walmart To Go brands, and Target (NYSE:TGT), known as TargetExpress shops, are cutting inventory and opening locations closer to urban centers.

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