Pizza Hut Wants Shoppers To Buy Pizzas From Within Their Games

If you want 'em to buy, they've got to walk up to the counter. That retail adage is true even if it's a virtual counter and a Web walk. Make the transaction fun, enjoyable and maybe even exciting, and half your job is done. Although those three adjectives are rarely found in shoppers' sentences describing their checkout experience at Walmart or Kroger, Pizza Hut is hoping it might be true for its restaurants.

That's the hope behind Tuesday's planned announcement from Pizza Hut and Xbox Live maker Microsoft, where the two are behind an app that allows gamers to purchase physical goods—including anything on the Pizza Hut menu—from within the game GUI.

"For Pizza Hut, it's about reaching out to its hard-to-reach target—young men 18 to 24—where they live and play. For Microsoft, it's a nifty way of cosmically expanding the virtual world into something far closer to the real world," reports USA Today.

The CTO at Web host Rackspace told the paper that this idea has serious potential. ""The very last thing a kid wants to do is look for a phone to order a pizza," said Rackspace's John Engates. "The Xbox is no longer just a place to just play games."

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