Pizza Hut Employee Stages A Photo Stunt That Doesn't Make You Want To Avoid Pizza Hut

With the string of obnoxious retail employee photos lately—one guy licking a stack of taco shells, another gulping soft serve straight from the spigot—it's nice to know some are still capable of a stunt that actually makes their employer look good. A Pizza Hut (NYSE:YUM) employee in the U.K., faced with a four-hour train ride, got the brainstorm of having a pizza delivered to a station farther down the line. The delivery was successful, largely because the traveler also asked the conductor to arrange to let the delivery person onto the platform at Newport Station in South Wales. Pizza Hut reportedly didn't reimburse the employee for the price of the pizza, but maybe that's for the best anyway. On Reddit, where the employee posted pictures, she commented, "I'm not going to lie, I would have much rather had Domino's but they refused our challenge :(". Story