Pepsi Trades Samples For Likes, And Gallons Of CRM

Pepsi's (NYSE:PEP) newest cross-platform marketing tool is a soda machine that won't accept money—just Facebook Likes. The soft-drink giant's new machine, which it unveiled at a Beyonce concert in Antwerp, Belgium, lets smartphone users visit a website (, log into their Facebook accounts and "like" the Pepsi Facebook page—and the vending machine delivers a free can of Pepsi. Anyone without a smartphone can log into Facebook using a 42-inch touchscreen on the machine. At one level, it's a soda-sample giveaway. At another level, it's a shameless way of collecting CRM data from people standing in line. As a commercial that Pepsi shot displaying the machine puts it, "Thanks to this new way of sampling, we know exactly who liked, tried and enjoyed an ice-cold Pepsi." Story

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