Pep Boys Gets Creative About Boosting In-Store

In the merged channel world of E-Commerce versus In-Store versus Mobile, the difference invariably comes down to convenience. E-Commerce beats in-store with convenience, while Mobile beats E-Commerce with convenience. The only way for channels to survive is to stress their unique value to consumers. With that in mind, the $1.9 billion Pep Boys has come up with a deliciously creative way to do something only an in-store channel can do.

The 560-store automotive chain selected one train station to act as a trial. Customers who happen to use that train station--located just outside Philadelphia--can drive into the station, park, take the train into work and when they return to the station, their car has been repaired and is sitting in the parking lot again. If it works, this approach eliminates the hassle of getting the car to the mechanic and retrieving it (a fun trick that typically requires two drivers to switch off).