PayPal powers Burger King's new app

McDonald's may have Apple Pay, but Burger King is partnering with PayPal to develop an app.

Burger King introduced an app earlier this year that included mobile payments, but the quick-serve chain will be rolling out a new version later this quarter that promises to deliver exclusive offers, discounts, a store finder and menus. It also boasts a mobile payment feature.

Users trying to pay with the mobile app will be prompted to enter a four-digit PIN. Not quite as elegant a solution as Apple Pay's NFC tap-to-pay process.

Analysts have speculated that PayPal could be left out in the cold as Apple Pay gains momentum.

"PayPal has a bit of catching up to do on industry buzz; this void has been filled by Stripe recently," said Sam Maule, management consultant at Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group told Mobile Commerce Daily. "PayPal has talent on staff; now the question is how fast can they iterate and pivot product wise. Offline commerce is still the Achilles heel for PayPal. Can they pivot and make inroads in offline while continuing to innovate in online payments?"

For its part, PayPal is "building relationships with merchants and other key industry players – which allows us to tap into our vast network to create the best experiences in-store, online or across platforms on mobile," said the company in a blog post. "Our open approach to payments allows us to build relationships with businesses to create industry-first experiences for more people faster."

PayPal has also added a PayPal Express checkout button to GoDaddy's online store.

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