Pay By Touch Giving Up On Biometric POS?

Pay By Touch, which has made a major push in POS biometric payments, is backing off that business, according to a report in the current issue of The Nilson Report, a major payments newsletter.

"Pay By Touch has shifted its focus away from being a company that provides biometric-based payments at the point of sale to becoming one that provides target marketing services," the newsletter report said. "As a result, its payment processing assets are no longer part of the company's
core business and are being considered for sale. Those assets include Pay By Touch Payment Solutions (PBTPS) and Pay By Touch Processing (PBTP), which handle merchant card processing contracts and a proprietary card-not-present gateway."

Although it's not a traditional retail POS deployment, PayByTouch on Thursday confirmed that Shell Oil will be the first gas station chain to test biometrics-at-the-pump. Shell said it would be piloting the devices at 10 Chicagoland retail stores.