Panera CEO Tries A $4.50-A-Day Diet

Panera (NASDAQ:PNRA) CEO Ron Shaich makes $3 million a year, but this week he's spending no more than $4.50 a day on food as part of the SNAP Challenge, in which participants try to live like an average U.S. food stamp recipient. Yes, it's a stunt, but reality set in when Shaich went grocery shopping in his Boston neighborhood. The plan: Buy the most nutritious items he could within his budget. The reality: To eat all week, Shaich said he had to load up on filling, carb-heavy foods, and couldn't afford much meat, fruits and vegetables. Shaich spent a total of $25.95, leaving him less than $6 for the rest of the week, according to his blog post on the experience. And it's pretty clear he won't be having lunch at Panera. Story

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