Only 4 Reading Days Before Premium Launches

StorefrontBacktalk will launch its Premium Edition on April 18, just four days from now, on Monday. The reason we're mentioning this again is to remind everyone that we are offering special 50 percent off pre-launch pricing. In other words, the exact same Premium service on April 18 will cost half as much on April 17. If you want to still have full access to all of our top stories (and all of the other goodies that come with the Premium subscription), doing it now is the cost-effective move.

Our site license options are also half-off during the pre-launch period (which has barely four days left). Our fear is that many readers will not focus on this until April 18, when they start running into firewalls when they try to read key stories and columns. And when they then subscribe, they won't be able to take advantage of the pre-launch deals. The pre-launch deals were created specifically to give our long-time readers a break, so we want to make sure we do everything we can to remind everyone before it's too late. To take advantage of our pre-launch deal, please click here.