Online Tailor Indochino Has Gone Physical In Major Cities

In an interesting twist on merged channel, a e-tailor is setting up physical shops to take measurements and let shoppers feel fabric, but the end-result goes right back online. It's online because all details are stored—and can be changed—online and the results are shipped. Indochino's traveling tailor service sets up shop in a new city for two to three weeks at a time, allowing men to check out fabrics and styles and have an expert take their suit measurements. From July 12 to 28, the Vancouver-based merchant has a storefront open in New York City's trendy Meatpacking district. More than 2,000 men have pre-booked appointments to come in for a fitting or measurements and the shop gets a couple hundred daily walk-ins, too, Cardinal says. "We always try to make a location near a financial district so people can pop in on their lunch break easily, not make it a huge shopping experience," she said. "It seems to be working really well with how men shop." Story

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