Online retailers Warby Parker, Bonobos add more stores

"Online only" is quickly becoming a quaint identifier as more Internet retailers add physical locations. This month, Warby Parker and Bonobos will add physical stores in Dallas.

Both brands are darlings of the online retail community and both discovered early on that being limited to the virtual world was, well, limiting.

Warby Parker disrupted the eyewear category by offering low-priced, high-quality options in a category dominated by a handful of retailers. The company had a hip, modern approach that appealed at first to youthful shoppers and its popularity quickly spread.

So too, has its retail presence. Warby Parker now operates 14 stores and showrooms, a combination of stand-alone shops and locations nestled inside other businesses. The 1,050 sq. ft. Dallas location is its ninth dedicated showroom.  

Menswear retailer Bonobos, also based in New York City, is expanding to bricks and mortar in an attempt to reach shoppers who want a more hands-on experience. Shoppers have asked to come to the retailer's office to try on clothes, according to Erin Ersenkal, Bonobos VP of planning and guideshops (Bonobos refers to stores as guideshops).

"For us it evolved from there. We added a dressing room in the office and a link on the website to make an appointment," Ersenkal told The Dallas Morning News. "It was very successful and gave us confidence to sign a lease for a 450-square-foot second-story location."

Dallas is Bonobos' ninth shop and there are plans to double the store count by the end of the year. Shoppers in stores spend about twice their average purchase online, Ersenkal said.

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