Office Workers Love E-Commerce

As E-Commerce matures, some of the assumptions about when and how shoppers shop need to be updated. Electronic payment vendor Cybersource analyzed some of its tracking data and found that office-time purchases is staying high, with the proliferation of residential broadband not making much of a dent.

Peaking at about 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern, it's feared that much late-afternoon keyboard tapping is not about pushing corporate profits, other than for retailers. Monday and Tuesdays are still the highest volume days, with weekend traffic at the bottom.

One key change. As E-Commerce grows, the traffic is remaining stronger at all hours, suggesting a morph into a 24-hour store. "The graphs are flattening—albeit with much higher numbers. Online shopping is not only getting bigger, it's becoming more of a 24 hour phenomenon," said Doug Schwegman, CyberSource director of market and customer intelligence.