Offensive Target 'Training' Document Part Of Racial Harassment, Lawsuit Says

Target (NYSE:TGT) is under fire for a training document containing "multicultural tips" used at one of the retailer's distribution centers in California, the Huffington Post reported.

The document, titled "Organization Effectiveness, Employee and Labor Relations Multi-Cultural Tips," surfaced as part of a discrimination lawsuit against the chain filed by three fired Target employees who said they were subjected to harassment, racial slurs and retaliation at work in the warehouse in the Sacramento area.

A Target spokeswoman confirmed the document's authenticity and said it was used during conversations with employees, but was not part of any "formal or company-wide training." She also said the company is "truly sorry."

According to the lawsuit, the document "instructs managers to note differences among Hispanic employees, and states the following:

a. Food: not everyone eats tacos and burritos;
b. Music: not everyone dances to salsa;
c. Dress: not everyone wears a sombrero;
d. Mexicans (lower education level, some may be undocumented);
e. Cubans (Political refugees, legal status, higher education level); and
f. They may say 'OK, OK' and pretend to understand, when they do not, just to save face.

The lawsuit also cites racial slurs allegedly used by warehouse managers, according to Courthouse News. The managers are not named as defendants, which are identified in the complaint as the retailer and "Does 1-100."

The Target spokeswoman, Molly Snyder, said, "It is never Target's intent to offend our team members or guests and we apologize," adding, "The content of the document referenced is not representative of who Target is. We strive at all times to be a place where our team and guests feel welcome, valued and respected."

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