Obama VP Text Blast Shows SMS Message Limits

A retail IT lesson from the world of politics? Maybe. Web tracking firm Keynote studied the text message blast sent by the U.S. presidential campaign of Barack Obama, the one in which his campaign promised to tell supporters his VP selection before it was broadly announced.

That message didn't quite work out politically, as CNN broadcast the choice hours before the text blast was supposed to start. As a result, the campaign immediately triggered the blast, which didn't work well, either. About 50 percent of people who subscribed to receive the text message from the Obama campaign regarding the VP pick may not have received it "in a timely fashion and perhaps not at all," Keynote said. Does this mean Common Short Code SMS messaging won't work for large national blasts? Not necessarily. But if you're relying on getting your data out to prospects, it's probably a good idea to vote for a different transmission method.