NRF airs 'This is Retail'

The National Retail Federation aired two television ads meant to advocate on behalf of the retail industry during the presidential primary and election cycle.

The ads aired Saturday during the Democratic presidential debate. The first 30 second spot featured a business owner and employees discussing what they've learned from being in the retail industry. A second, showed happy workers and highlighted statistics showing retail in a positive light, including "85 percent [of retail workers] have earned a raise."

      NRF's 'This is Retail" video, featuring five retail industry advocates

"This marks the first of many efforts leading into 2016, where we will engage at multiple levels to make sure that the true voice of retail is heard and that elected officials support policies that contribute to a vibrant, healthy and robust retail industry that benefits the U.S. economy," wrote NRF President Matthew Shay on the association's blog. "It is easy to forget that retail businesses and the people who work in them not only drive the nation's economy, but also bring great passion and energy to what they do."

The spots are viewed as one more way NRF advocates for the retail industry, in Washington and the nation's living rooms. The videos are also a way to combat the many negative media depictions, particularly surrounding retail hours and policies during the holiday season.

In October, the 1.3-million-member United Food and Commercial Workers Union spent $200,000 on its own 30-second spots, which are part of the "Making Change at Walmart" campaign for higher wages for the big-box retailer's employees, according to AdAge.

NRF's This is Retail campaign began last year with a road show that both recorded and showcased the stories of retailers and their employees.

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