Now For All <i>StorefrontBacktalk</i> Readers: Five Monthlies Covering E-Commerce, Mobile, Security, In-Store And CRM

Starting today (Sept. 14), we are making our monthly topic-specific newsletters available for all of our readers, for free. These five newsletters—each one covering solely E-Commerce, Mobile, PCI/Security, In-Store or CRM issues—have until now only been available to Premium subscribers.

For readers focused on any of those areas, the Monthlies provide an easy way to keep up-to-date and to make sure you don't miss any story important to your operation. The Monthlies also have two other helpful features.

Comments Repository
Our readers provide some deliciously insightful comments on stories, but many of those comments remain unseen. Readers often don't revisit stories to see any of the comments posted hours later. The Monthlies summarize and link to those comments, so no insights are lost.

Editor's Note
Sometimes, the importance of stories isn't apparent until days or weeks later, when other events play out. The Editor's Note enables us to take advantage of that perspective and to put stories into context with other stories. The most important question we try to answer with every story is not just the details of the news, but the bigger picture questions: "So what? Should I do something differently because of this? What are the most likely implications?" Each Editor's Note focuses on the topic's big-picture questions.

To start receiving these free newsletters—and they are free, regardless of whether you choose to receive one or all five—simply sign up as you would for our free weekly newsletter. If you already subscribe to the newsletter, it makes no difference. Just go in and add the Monthlies you want to receive to your E-mail address.