Nordstrom Tries...What's French For 'Pop-In'?

Nordstrom (NYSE:JWN) has apparently been really happy with its Topshop shops-within-the-stores, so the high-end chain is trying its own version of pop-up shops. The first batch—they're dubbed "Pop-In @ Nordstrom"—will be located in eight stores for a month starting on Oct. 10, and will feature French designer products including Kenzo sweatshirts, vintage Chanel and YSL bags, and Rodarte tees, according to Harper's Bazaar. The green-and-white self-contained shops were designed by architect Rafael de Cardenas, so this is decidedly not your random mall kiosk. A series of other concept-based pop-ups are expected to follow in 2014. Nordstrom hasn't named the the eight locations that will get the "Oui"-emblazoned pop-ups, but Racked makes an educated guess of San Francisco; Los Angeles; Chicago; Dallas; Houston; Washington, D.C.; South Florida and, of course, Seattle. Story