Nordstrom to open in-store Tesla gallery

Nordstrom (NYSE:JWN) is opening a Tesla gallery in a Los Angeles store. The 400-sq.-ft. boutique will offer test drives and serve as a test of sorts for the retailer too.

"We're focused on listening to our customers and seeing how they respond to this type of differentiated experience," Nordstrom said in a statement.

For Tesla, the goal is to reach its target customers, the kind of luxury shopper who frequents the Nordstrom store at The Grove shopping center.

"[We're] bringing Nordstrom customers a Tesla experience, and I think for Nordstrom as well, it's like, How can we target Tesla's audience?" Ganesh Srivats, VP of North American sales, told Fast Company. Srivats hails from Burberry and played a large role in forging this new partnership.

But Tesla won't immediately be driving sales. It doesn't yet have a license to sell vehicles at the location. The automaker is in the process of obtaining one, but in the interim, anyone interested in making a purchase will be assisted with placing a call to a off-site salesperson, or directed to the nearest Tesla location or website.

The gallery will remain open through the end of the year.

Nordstrom has been opening pop-up shops and partnering with emerging brands to add excitement and newness to stores. Many of these programs have targeted younger shoppers, but the Tesla boutique could attract more established luxury consumers.

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