Nordstrom Considers Adding iPads To Dressing Rooms

Savvy customers are doing so much research before setting foot in a store these days that they'd rather sales associates just leave them alone. That has Nordstrom (NYSE:JWN) considering expanding its already established mobile presence into its own stores, specifically to the dressing room, according to Luxury Daily.

The retail chain is contemplating putting iPads in store dressing rooms that would let customers check to see if items are available in other sizes, colors, departments or locations, thus cutting out the (apparently) annoying middle man.

"As we look at the interactions of 'digital natives' in department stores, it emerged that these consumers are less interested in having a sales associate interrupt them as they browse on the sales floor since many times they have already done pre-shopping before coming to a store," Rick Chavie, VP of omnicommerce at hybris in Atlanta told Luxury Daily.

The iPads would also be able to sync up with the clothing a customer already has at home, so that they could have products waiting for them when they arrive at the store and could match new items with others they've already purchased. Essentially, they could act as a digital personal shopper.

Of course, since the tablets are already there, they wouldn't have to be exclusive to the customers. They could be used by sales associates, as well, to assist customers who aren't as reluctant to deal with human beings.

"At the point of decision when a customer is choosing among products there are opportunities to provide specific services such as inventory visibility if the desired color is out-of-stock, or if there are tailoring services that need to be added, or if a customer wants to merge an online order with the in-stock purchase and pay on the spot," Chavie said.

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