Nike's Newest Concept Store Is Built Out Of 100 Percent Trash

For Nike's (NYSE:NKE) latest concept store in Shanghai, the sports apparel maker literally turned to a pile of junk. The store, which completed construction at the end of July, uses no glue and incorporates 5,500 soda cans, 2,000 plastic water bottles and 50,000 old CDs and DVDs ("urban mined 100 percent recycled from our consumer lifestyle trash," as Nike puts it). For do-it-yourselfers, the CDs and DVDs were turned into ceiling panels, the water bottles became 2,000 yards of tension cables and 1,000 connection joints were made from the aluminum cans. Pictures of the store make it appear pretty barren, but that's just the bare-walls building with limited decoration. By the time it's all dressed up and full of merchandise, it may be indistinguishable from a conventional Niketown store—which is probably the whole idea. Story