Newly Created Role Oversees All Creative Aspects of the Company

At a press conference held today at Fast Retailing's global headquarters in Tokyo, Fast Retailing Chairman, President & CEO Tadashi Yanai announced the appointment of John C Jay as President of Global Creative. In this newly established role, Mr. Jay will be responsible for overall creative aspects of the company, including product design, store design, marketing media and branding strategies.

Commenting on today's theme, Innovation + Creativity = Future, Fast Retailing Chairman, President & CEO Tadashi Yanai said, "I am pleased today to announce the appointment of Mr. John C Jay to the Fast Retailing global management team. We have had a long standing relationship with Mr. Jay, ever since the first work we did together on a campaign for UNIQLO Fleece products, back in 1999. This was the beginning of a totally new direction and way of thinking for UNIQLO, especially in terms of innovative and creative communication."

"Effectively communicating with customers today is even more important than before, as Fast Retailing continues to grow internationally at a rapid rate. I believe Mr. Jay joins our company at the right time and, with his experience and background in retail, design and communications, he will be able to make a great contribution to how we will connect with customers in the future," Yanai added.

John C Jay said, "The world today is experiencing a creative revolution, changing culture and business simultaneously. Joining Tadashi Yanai and Fast Retailing now is an unprecedented, and very exciting, opportunity for me to capitalize on their current success and further develop the collection into a group of inspired, innovative and meaningful global brands."

The announcement was made at a press conference hosted by Tadashi Yanai on the themes of innovation and creativity, and their role in the future growth of the Fast Retailing Group.