Newegg opens hybrid store

Newegg is opening a new, first-of-its-kind location in Canada that will serve dual purposes as a consumer showroom and fulfillment center.

The Hybrid Centre in Richmond Hill, Ontario is an 81,000-sq.-ft. facility that includes 67,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space for order processing and more than 10,000 sq. ft. of office and administrative space.

There's a 3,800-sq.-ft. showroom where shoppers can try out technology products, including virtual reality gaming rigs and home automation systems. The location will also host classes.

"Canadian customers play a vital role in our North American business, and this new Hybrid Centre stands as a testament to our commitment to put down roots in Canada to serve those customers more directly," said Danny Lee, Newegg's CEO. "The Hybrid Centre is convenient for shoppers nearby and will stream PC-building seminars and other tech information for all customers in Canada."

The only other Newegg Hybrid Centre is in Los Angeles, adjacent to the company's headquarters. That location hosts video game tournaments, celebrity meet-and-greets, vendor launch events and other tech-related activities. Newegg expects the Richmond Hill Hybrid Centre to offer a similar experience in the Toronto area.

Retailers across product categories and specialties are opening facilities that also serve as "experience centers," with live events, classes and even restaurant partnerships.

Newegg has been upgrading its customer service capabilities. In the past year, the company has redesigned the mobile shopping experience and made changes to its customer loyalty program, Newegg Premier.

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