Newegg launches subscription service

Online retailer Newegg announced the launch of a new subscription service for frequently ordered products and supplies. Subscriptions are available for household, automotive and technology products in more than a dozen categories and new products will be added continuously.

"From cleaning supplies, to ink and toner, to baby care products: Our customers order many items on an ongoing basis," said Soren Mills, CMO, Newegg North America. "Newegg's subscription service makes sure no one will run out of supplies."

When visiting Newegg's subscription store page, customers can shop products and select a particular quantity, frequency or subscription. All shipping is free. The company also accepts Bitcoin virtual payment for orders in the United States and Canada.

Subscriptions are on a per-product basis, month-to-month, with no limit per customer. Depending on the product, discounts range between 5 and 15 percent across 36 product subcategories.

Newegg's subscription service works similarly to Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) successful "Subscribe and Save" service. The subscription-based retail model has surged in recent years, ever since Birchbox launched its online monthly subscription service in September 2010. Target (NYSE:TGT) also launched a subscription service in 2013 and expanded it by 1,300 new items in spring 2014.

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