New Mobile App Survey Has Target On Top


A new mobile survey pitted the mobile apps of Target (NYSE:TGT), Walmart (NYSE:WMT) and Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) against each other, with Target coming out on top. All three receive positive reviews regarding mobile shopping experience. 83.4 percent of mobile users who have shopped Target's mobile site rate their overall experience as either good or excellent. 71.9 percent of those who've shopped Walmart and 69.2 percent of Best Buy mobile shoppers say the same.

But another survey question tried to get a sense of whether shoppers would recommend the app to a friend or colleague. Target was the only mobile site to receive a positive score, with its score dipping into the positive about 11.3 percent, compared with Best Buy and Walmart, which each went negative. Best Buy barely dipped into the negative at -1 percent. Walmart plunged, though, diving 19.8 percent into the bad vibes area.

The big problem with reading too much into these results is that this survey — like far too many other recent retail surveys — does not ask the surveyed shoppers why they felt a particular way. Without asking that question, we're left to wonder what was behind the decisions. Did Walmart users go negative because they didn't like the mobile app or the mobile site, or was it something about the stores or the brand that has nothing to do with mobile? Indeed, the phrasing of the question ("Would you recommend to a friend or colleague?") might even suggest that a negative response is good, in a "I want to save these great finds for myself," sort of like not telling a lot of people about a great restaurant that would be ruined by crowds.

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