New leadership team brings new vision and values to DirectBuy

DirectBuy, the membership-based buying organization that enables consumers to purchase from manufacturers and suppliers without hidden retail markup, is proud to announce a new executive leadership team.

This new team is led by new Chief Executive Officer Mike Bornhorst, who comes to DirectBuy with a strong background in customer service after spending time in leadership positions with companies such as ADT and Culligan Water. "While DirectBuy has been around for more than 42 years, it is a time of significant change for the company. There are many exciting changes underway that will reshape the way consumers interact with and benefit from DirectBuy," said CEO Mike Bornhorst.

Curt Hilliard was appointed as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, and has been instrumental in implementing new values across the company's sales and marketing practices both nationally and within the franchise community.

Along with new values and a new vision, DirectBuy also promoted Dylan Astle to the newly created position of Vice President of Member Experience, with Dylan's primary goal being to enhance DirectBuy's customer service and member engagement for their hundreds of thousands of current members. His passion and experience working with Wal-Mart and Restoration Hardware in similar capacities make him an ideal candidate to help lead DirectBuy's member experience team.

In addition to evolving service and marketing practices, DirectBuy is hard at work enhancing the values that members experience every day with more than 1 million products from hundreds of well-known brands. Leading the charge is newly promoted Vice President of Merchandising Jim O'Keefe whose merchandise planning expertise was forged during his time with OfficeMax and True Value.

The result is a leadership team focused on providing service, selection, and value that will improve members' lifestyles and make doing business with the company easier than ever. In addition to exciting new offerings such as the DirectBuy Travel program which was recently launched, the leadership team has implemented a new set of standards and policies to strengthen the brand by becoming more transparent in its business practices.

"We have an incredibly happy base of satisfied members, but there has always been a bit of mystery associated with DirectBuy due to the nature of our business and pricing model," CMO Curt Hilliard said about the team's combined efforts.  "Our goal is to be your trusted advisors by inspiring members to enhance their lifestyles with our service, selection and value."

DirectBuy's new values led the company to implement a new approach to member enrollment and completely transform their sales and Open House experience.  Through DirectBuy's marketing and sales evolution, the goal is to help consumers see the potential value of its offerings so they can most effectively determine if DirectBuy membership would be a good fit for their home improvement, furnishing, and lifestyle needs.  Part of that process involved Vice President of Merchandising Jim O'Keefe working closely with DirectBuy's trusted brand partners to evolve relationships so DirectBuy can more freely and transparently share the benefits of membership.

"We're here to answer your questions and inspire you to join DirectBuy when the time is right for you," said new CEO Mike Bornhorst. "Whether that's today, tomorrow, or 6 months from now, we'll be here to help you."

DirectBuy's mission to focus on inspiring members with further additions to the company's lifestyle-enhancing benefits is coming to fruition through the work of its Vice President of Member Experience Dylan Astle. "Throughout the organization, efforts are being refocused around highly customer-centric initiatives and the company's values are also changing. We're listening to our members and delivering what they want."

Consumers will see significant enhancements in the company's appearance, as well. The refresh of the DirectBuy brand involves more than just operating values and a new vision and mission. A new consumer-facing website and marketing campaign will unveil the new DirectBuy to consumers and update the company's brand image to mirror the changes taking place behind the scenes.

"Even if you think you know what DirectBuy is all about, we want you to give us a chance to show you the results of implementing a more contemporary business model," said Mike Bornhorst. "At our core, we are a franchise organization made up of passionate owners and operators who are dedicated to inspiring our members."

About DirectBuy
DirectBuy provides its members with outstanding service, selection and value. With over 80 locations throughout North America, DirectBuy members pay confidential dealer prices, with no hidden retail markup, combined with an amazing selection of products. The company's commitment to service excellence ensures that members have access to unparalleled quality and choice while being guided by experts in purchasing and design. DirectBuy members select from over 1 million products from 700 popular brands in the US and 500 in Canada. DirectBuy provides lifestyle-enhancing benefits including travel packages, home improvement products and services, and much more.