New Customer Service Tool: Offer Customers Phone Call Recordings

A Rutherford, NJ, vendor is pushing an interesting service, aimed at boosting customer service quality: Take the recordings that many retailers already capture with their customer service reps and make free copies available to that merchant's customers.

The company, Nice Systems (which is apparently not going to partner with Naughty Systems for the holidays, even though it would be a retail writer's dream come true), specializes in call recording technology. They're the people often behind that oddly-phrased "This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes." Invariably, the call that they happens is anything but quality and that's the point. Many customers would rather talk with someone about a problem or an order with, but they also prefer the automatic transcript that an E-mail thread offers. Even IM discussions leave an explicit record of what was ordered and what was promised. The Nice folk want to offer free digital recordings of the conversation so the customers can later prove what was said and how it was said.

Don't know how many retailers will take them up on it, but it seems like a cost-effective way to encourage customer service reps to be less naughty and more .... you know.