Neiman Marcus steps up digital strategy with new shopping app

Neiman Marcus has completed the development of its new shopping app, one of many omnichannel strategies the retailer has earmarked $100 million to develop.

The NM app is the second go-round at introducing such a mobile strategy. The app was first piloted in 2012, and allowed shoppers to directly correspond with sales associates and alerted sales associates when certain customers arrived in the store.

The new version of the app includes those same features and then some. In addition to allowing shoppers to text, email, call or FaceTime any sales associate, it's also able to keep track of points, Perk Cards and Point Cards. It lets users view upcoming designer appearances and promotions, follow the blog and watch videos. The app is currently only available for iOS devices and can be downloaded for free. 

Developing the NM app was the next step in helping Neiman Marcus connect with its affluent customer base. In recent years, the company has discarded its well-known "clientele books" in exchange for iPhones for store associates to make it easier to stay in touch with shoppers. Recently, a Neiman Marcus associate made a $250,000 sale of dinnerware by texting images to a woman on her yacht, according to Jim Gold, president of Neiman Marcus. 

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