More Than 10 Billion U.S. Web Videos Watched In February

In case there are two or three of you who are still skeptical about whether Web video will have an impact, consider these new figures. In February, U.S. Internet users viewed more than 10 billion online videos, which represents a 3 percent gain versus January (despite February being two days shorter) and a 66 percent gain versus February 2007, according to ComScore.

Google/YouTube was overwhelmingly the top source (at 35.4 percent), following by Fox (5.8 percent), Yahoo (2.9 percent), Microsoft (also 2.9 percent), Viacom (2.2 percent), Time Warner non-AOL (1.3 percent), Disney (1.3 percent), AOL (1.1 percent), ABC (1.0 percent) and Comcast (0.9 percent).

One more stat: Nearly 135 million U.S. Internet users spent an average of 204 minutes per person viewing online video in February.