Mobile Vendor's Survey: 88 Percent Of Mobile Shoppers Have "Negative Issues"

If one asks a large group if any of them have ever had any troubles when shopping in physical stores, it's likely that almost every hand would go up. Therefore, when a survey shows that most mobile shoppers have experienced issues, it's not surprising. And when it's a survey from a vendor who has a vested interest in making mobile interactions seem as direly in need of the vendor's services as possible, it's even less surprising.

But a survey put out by mobile vendor Scava, which found that some 88 percent of mobile shoppers had suffered "negative issues," was interesting in that it broke down and ranked the most common complaints. (Note: I would love to meet those 12 percent of mobile shoppers who have yet to experience any problems, regardless of which site they visit. Somehow, I am guessing those folk don't stray too far from Amazon.)

One of the top problems was the complaint that mobile product images are "too small to make buying decision" (46 percent), along with unspecified mobile security concerns (41 percent) and challenging checkout processes (26 percent). Other complaints included data usage costs, difficulties in adding coupon codes, mobile website speed and concerns about hitting the wrong buttons when making purchases.

That last concern—the wrong buttons—is actually an important issue. Not only are mobile screens generally quite small—making it easy for a thumb to click an unintended icon—but mobile phones are often mobile. If the clicking is happening on a train or bus or in a car (have seen some shoppers making purchases while walking the streets of Manhattan), the chance of the wrong button being accidentally clicked is huge. Something to consider with your next m-commerce site design is to make any transaction-related buttons large and with as much distance from any other buttons as possible.

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