Mobile RFID Reader Shortage?

Everywhere else in the world, the cliché is "When it rains, it pours." But for retailers now focusing on RFID projects, a more apt phrase would be "When it rains, it's a drought." That's because a major financial investment firm is reporting a sharp mobile RFID reader shortage. The cause: lots of RFID projects, with Wal-Mart's 20,000-unit-order leading the way.

The report comes from investment firm Robert W. Baird & Co., according to SupplyChainDigest. Beyond Wal-Mart, the reasons cited were "supply constraints that have lasted for months in basic electrical components that have caused delivery problems in a wide number of high tech gear, including mobile devices"; a 23,000-customer order from a European logistics company; and the recent leap in popularity of mobile--versus fixed--RFID readers. "A quick check at ScanSource, a distributor that sells exclusively to other resellers and VARs, showed about half of the models of Motorola 9090-G mobile RFID terminals were in-stock, and the other half showing as 'call for availability,'" the story said. RFID: Can't live with it, can't live without it.