Mobile 51% of online retail visits

Online shopping has reached a tipping point as the majority of consumers visit retail websites via mobile devices rather than computers, according to Branding Brand's Mobile Commerce Index report. This marks the first time that mobile shopping outpaced desktop shopping in the survey's history.

Conducted in August, the study revealed that mobile devices generated 51 percent of all online retail visits. A majority of these visits were on Apple devices. Conversely in 2012, 4 percent of online retail visits were generated by mobile devices.

This jump is no surprise as BI Intelligence reports that mobile commerce in the United States is growing three times faster than general e-commerce.

"In four short years, our data has tracked the rapid rise of the mobile consumer from a small fraction of users in 2010, to this moment where the majority of online retail visitors now originate via smartphones and tablets," said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. "This fundamental shift in consumer behavior from desktop to mobile happened with unprecedented speed and represents the greatest opportunity in retail since the advent of the Internet."

Of the visits from smartphone and tablet users, 61 percent of smartphones and 81 percent of tablet visits were sourced from Apple devices.

The market share for smartphone visits has increased 23.8 percent since August 2013 and the rate of tablet visits has increased 13.8 percent during the same time period. In conjunction, the market share of non-mobile visits decreased 15 percent. When it came to purchasing on these devices, smartphone orders increased 59.8 percent, while tablet orders increased 11 percent and non-mobile orders decreased 9.1 percent.

The market share of smartphone revenue increased 78.5 percent and the market share of tablet revenue increased 12.9 percent. Non-mobile revenue decreased in the market share by 8.7 percent.

Shopping through smartphones and tablets is on the rise as more retailers embrace an omnichannel approach to reaching consumers. In the 2014 Retail Outlook Survey by KPMG, 70 percent of retailers said they have adopted an omnichannel strategy to link shoppers' in-store experiences with e-commerce, mobile and social media platforms.

*This story originally appeared in FierceMobileRetail's sister publication, FierceRetail.

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