Mobile is 49% of Zulily's Q2 sales

Online retailer Zulily saw sales increase 97 percent during the second quarter of its fiscal year with nearly half of those sales coming from mobile.

Sales for the second quarter of 2014 were $285 million, nearly double that of the prior year. Active customers, those who made more than one purchase in the past year, increased 86 percent and mobile sales soared.

"We saw a significant increase in active customers and orders year over year, leading to a strong second quarter for the company," said Darrell Cavens, CEO of Zulily. "These customers are increasingly shopping with us across platforms, with almost half of our order volume now coming from mobile devices. Mobile is a huge opportunity for us and we'll continue our innovation in this area. We continue to focus on offering more brands and great product diversity that brings our customers back to us again and again."

Zulily isn't alone. Nearly one third of shoppers now use mobile exclusively, while mobile revenue from smartphones is up nearly 98 percent, according to Branding Brand's Mobile Commerce Index.

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