Millennials prefer paper coupons

In spite of new digital platforms, shoppers still use and often prefer paper coupons.

Some 85 percent of U.S. shoppers use coupons, according to a new report from And while paper coupon use has declined, particularly with younger shoppers, even those in the 18 to 24-year-old age group are using paper coupons approximately twice as often as digital versions.

Approximately 63 percent of U.S. credit/debit card holders who use coupons said they most frequently present coupons from newspapers, mailings and other paper products.

"Dead trees aren't dead when it comes to coupons," said Matt Schulz,'s senior industry analyst. "Plenty of Americans are still opening their snail mail and reading the Sunday paper. I expect paper coupons to lose some market share, though, as consumers and brands get even more comfortable using them electronically."

Mobile applications, digital marketing, loyalty programs and new payment technology do offer intriguing new options for retailers. Close to 42 percent of credit/debit card holders said they would prefer to have discounts automatically applied to their payment cards while 27 percent said they were opposed to card-linked offers.

Studies have shown that digital coupon users shop and spend more, but there is still value in the paper product.

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