Millennials prefer mobile browsers over apps for shopping

While retailers race to roll out mobile apps to capture millennial purchases, it may come as a surprise to find that these younger shoppers actually prefer browser-based shopping over retail apps.

A majority of millennials, 57 percent, are more inclined to make a mobile purchase within the browser versus 43 percent who favor an app, according to a study by Instart Logic, a cloud application delivery service provider.

Visual information and image quality were found to be critically important with this group and directly impact shoppers' research and decision to purchase. Fifty-five percent of millennials noted pictures and visuals as the element of the shopping experience they couldn't live without when shopping on a mobile device.

Even among millennials, there are gender-based differences. Females demand more visuals than males, with 72 percent relying most heavily on photos and images compared with just 50 percent of males. Thirty-eight percent of men cited a preference for product descriptions and reviews, versus just 17 percent of women.

There was also disparity among millennial men and women as to where they prefer to shop on their mobile devices. Women are more likely to buy on a mobile device from home with just a small fraction shopping while at work. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to shop on the go, where mobile connectivity can be unpredictable.

Load times greatly impact purchase behavior. Failure of photos and other visual content to load quickly was the most frequently cited reason for abandoning a mobile shopping site. About one in five said they would only wait two seconds for a mobile shopping site to load, and 68 percent would wait no longer than five seconds, according to the report.

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