Millennials Pick Walmart Over Amazon—At Least After They Become Parents

Maybe there's a future for brick-and-mortar stores after all. Despite all the doomsayers who insist customers in their 20s and 30s will permanently abandon in-store shopping for online, a new survey says they prefer Walmart (NYSE:WMT) or Target (NYSE:TGT) over Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) once they begin families, Chain Store Age reported on Thursday (July 17).

That doesn't mean millennials are ready to unplug their Internet connections. In the study by Vision Critical, which did one-on-one interviews with 1,000 U.S. adults between 25 and 34 who have children living with them, respondents were asked to pick from among Amazon, Target and Walmart if they could only shop at one store for the rest of their lives. Walmart topped the list of responses overall, while high-income millennial parents tended to choose Target.

The survey also found that after becoming parents, millennials say they are more price conscious, especially for dining and entertainment, apparel, and digital products.

Of course, millennials won't be stuck with a single store for the rest of their lives, and there's every reason to believe they'll continue to use Amazon and other e-tailers when it makes sense. But the idea that they'll abandon conventional stores entirely appears overblown. (The idea that Amazon is still a threat to big chains' bottom lines, on the other hand, remains very sensible.)

Interestingly, those millennial parents in the survey who picked Amazon as the one retailer they would choose tend to be most conservative politically. They were less likely to report becoming more politically liberal since they had kids than the other groups. However, that's still a relative thing—overall, they still supported Barack Obama in the last presidential election, but by a much smaller margin than those who prefer Walmart or Target.

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