Millennial dads grocery shop four times more often

There is a shift in who does the household grocery shopping, according to market research from Packaged Facts.

The number of men who identify themselves as primary shoppers in the house have doubled in the past two decades, based on results from a recently released report, "Retail Food Marketing Trends in the U.S.; Technology, Mobile, Social Media," In addition, the numbers go up when you consider younger, millennial fathers, who shop four times as often as the average shopper.

The study shows that men and women clearly shop differently, as men tend to shop with more frequency, but spend less time in the store. However, men tend to spend more money on fewer items, making the cost per item higher. Research suggests that women may still do more of the big trips to the supermarket for their household, while men are tasked with the intermediate trips for staples.

Age also plays a role in who the primary shopper is. Younger males, ages 18 to 34, are the most likely to be involved in frequent shopping trips and 161 percent more likely than average to shop four or more times per week. In contrast, men 55 and older shop less often than average, only once a week if weekly at all.

Millennial dads have unique behaviors, which are apparent in their grocery shopping habits. While younger men are more likely to shop than older men, being a parent is a key factor in how often they shop. Millennial dads are spending more than an hour per trip. Plus, this demographic has higher than average spending, $170 versus $108 on average, and they seek quality over a good deal.

More and more retailers are looking to reach millennials shoppers due to their increasing spending power. For example, Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM) recently announced the launch of a new store concept specifically geared toward millennials. In addition, this younger generation is more willing than any other age demographic to pay for a fee-based loyalty program membership, according to a recent LoyaltyOne survey.

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