Microsoft working to fix Explorer bug, but XP users are out of luck

As Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) rushes to fix the Internet Explorer bug, nearly 25 percent of PCs are still running XP and will remain vulnerable.

A bug in the Web browser allows hackers to install malware on a PC following a visit to a fake site. The malware then lets hackers take control of the computer. Of course that's just the beginning. What follows is inevitably identity theft and fraud. Anyone using Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11 is vulnerable.

Microsoft is rushing to create a fix, but the problem is ongoing. Even worse, anyone still running Windows XP will be left out in the cold when a patch is released.

It is estimated that between 15 and 25 percent of the world's computers still run XP, and these PCs will get a fix.

On April 9, 2014, Microsoft stopped supporting and providing regular security patches for that operating system. Retailers with POS or other payment systems running on Windows XP after this date are no longer PCI compliant.

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