Metro Group Finally Goes Live With RFID

In what is being billed as the largest production rollout of RFID in Europe, the $81 billion retail giant Metro Group has gone live with its wireless strategy.

The Germany-based chain has long been in the lead of RFID thinking and strategy globally, although it's efforts to date have been limited trials. "We are moving RFID out of the innovation labs and into working retail stores" is a line attributed to Dr. Gerd Wolfram, an IT managing director for the chain, in a draft news release that was prepared in anticipation of an announcement next week.

Metro, which will reportedly be using RFID products from Reva Systems in the rollout, will start with about 200 locations of its Metro Cash & Carry, Real stores, and the Metro Group distribution centers.

Wolfram is also quoted in the statement saying that priorities are the ability to "process raw tag data into accurate information and to determine real tag locations in difficult environments. The elimination of duplicate tag observations and the refinement of tag relevance are also critical infrastructure requirements. At Metro Group, this is necessary in operations areas such as loading docks in order to rapidly provide operators with feedback validating goods shipped and received."