Men outpace women shopping online

Men may be going online to shop even more often than women. At least that's what a recent consumer study conducted by cloud-based marketing platform Bronto Software suggests.

The study, the first in a three-part "Consumers Tell All" series, indicated that 39 percent of men admit to shopping online once a week, compared to just 18 percent of women. That number marks a 7 percent decline in the number of women that shop weekly, compared with last year's figures.

About 60 percent of consumers shop online at least once per month and 24 percent shop at least once per week, according to the study.

Young and middle-aged consumers seem to top the list of online buyers, with 76 percent of 18- to 49-year-olds shopping online at least once a week.

"According to the data, consumers are not spontaneously window shopping online stores or casually browsing product pages," said Jim Davidson, head of research for Bronto Software. "They are utilizing multiple devices to extend their shopping experience and influence purchase decisions, creating a nonlinear 'path to purchase' that today's marketers need to understand and embrace."

In fact, a recent Demandware Shopping Index survey revealed a surge in cross-device shopping, with 21 percent of shoppers using multiple devices. The devices of choice for e-commerce purchases were computers and smartphones, as opposed to computers and tablets in the prior year.

Mobile devices have enabled consumers to shop when and where they want, and the second survey in the series, to be released this spring, is slated to focus on mobile device usage and preference. Of smartphone owners, 39 percent prefer shopping on an app versus 61 percent who prefer a mobile Web browser. And 31 percent prefer shopping an app on a tablet rather than a mobile browser.

Shopping on phones outpaced shopping on tablets, with 10 percent of shoppers preferring to purchase on smartphones and 7 percent preferring to purchase on a tablet, respectively.

Similar findings in the OHT-Mobile study released last week indicated that different nationalities varied in their preferences for how they shop online. Based on the results of 800 respondents from eight countries, 55 percent of shoppers prefered buying on a website over in-app purchases. However, in the United States that number was higher, 65 percent, and only 21 percent preferred to shop on mobile.

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