Meijer testing hybrid self-checkout

Just when you thought self-checkout was dead, a hybrid version rears its head as Meijer joins the ranks of retailers looking to implement a new form of the technology.

Meijer is currently testing the new checkout systems at a single location in Georgetown Township, Mich., near its Grand Rapids headquarters. According to MLive, the location is also home to a regional office, making for an attractive test site with easy management oversight.

In what is being called the "Next Generation Checkout" system, the NCR-made system automatically scans merchandise placed on a conveyor belt as it passes by. Items need not have bar codes facing in any particular direction, they simply pass through a covered opening that resembles an airport security scanner. The items are then funneled to one of three bagging areas, allowing the next shopper in line to start the checkout process without waiting for the one before to bag and leave.

Payments are handled by a cashier.

Meijer also operated traditional staffed POS lanes and true self-checkout areas where shoppers scan, pay and bag their own groceries.

Several retailers, including many Albertson's owned stores have done away with self-checkout, but the quest to speed up the process continues.

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