Meijer's free wifi delivers on mobile promise

When a shopper posted a plea on Meijer's Facebook page asking for in-store wifi to better access the chain's mPerks loyalty program while shopping, the enigmatic response was "coming soon." A year later, it's here.

The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer made good on that promise and now has free wifi available in all its 204 stores, making it easier to more fully engage with shoppers while making purchase decisions.

Because in-store connectivity is key to serving up mobile engagement, for Meijer it's an opportunity to interact with the growing number of members of the mPerks digital coupon program.

Growth has been steep, doubling in just one year and surpassing two million subscribers in December 2013. In December alone, the program generated more than 129,000 new members, nearly 31 million clipped offers, and $12.6 million in savings issued to customers. The program has a redemption rate up to four times higher than the national average, according to the retailer.

Meijer attributes the program's success to a variety of recent enhancements, including a new mPerks website; personalized, baby and pharmacy rewards; and offers bundled by theme that have created new ways for shoppers to save.

The Wi-Fi investment also helps the nearly 650,000 Meijer mobile app users to conveniently manage their entire shopping trip. The Meijer app is available as a free download for iPhone and Android smartphones. Featuers include the ability to view and clip digital coupons with the mPerks program, create and check off items on a shopping list, browse sale items and save to a shopping list. Shoppers can also earn total purchase savings from personalized, pharmacy and baby reward programs

There are also location services that allow shoppers to access maps to nearby stores and search and find products within stores. It's among the most comprehensive programs in retail, one that links stores, loyalty programs and mobile to add value for shoppers.
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