Meijer opens history museum

Meijer is opening a "Heritage Center" at its corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan to celebrate 82 years of operation.

"Our grandfather and dad took a risk when they started this company in the midst of the Great Depression," said Doug Meijer, Meijer's co-chairman. "But bringing innovations to their customers helped give their grocery store a future. At Meijer, we have a deep reverence for our history and culture, and are pleased to share this with the community that truly led to the company's success."

The 5,000-sq.-ft. facility features 12 exhibition areas displaying Meijer memorabilia and is being designed by the same firm that created four presidential libraries.

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Meijer is credited with creating the supercenter, although Walmart later took the concept and created a publicly traded company with more than 6,000 stores globally. Meijer has remained a family-run, regional business with 230 stores in six states. It generates an estimated $16 billion annually and in March, said it would spend $400 million on new stores.

The Heritage Center hosted an open house on Sept. 10 and is now available for private tours and scheduled visits.