Me-Ality launches online personalized denim shopping

Me-Ality, the denim size-matching solution found inside Bloomingdale's (NYSE:M) stores, has now launched an online retail shopping site that allows customers to personalize jeans to their body shapes. MeID helps shoppers create a virtual fit profile so that they can conduct a size matching session at home.

Bloomingdale's first piloted the body-scanning technology back in spring of 2013. At the time the scanning system was installed in two New York City-area Bloomingdale's stores, two near Los Angeles and one in suburban Washington, D.C. Customers are scanned fully clothed for 10 seconds to pinpoint 200,000 body data points, after which the system churns out the best-fitting sizes and styles among the denim brands that Bloomingdale's carries.

Online, the process is a little different. First, the customer enters four body measurements into the online database to create a virtual profile, reported Chain Store Age. Then the customer, within seconds, will receive her MeID and a personalized shopping guide that recommends styles based on her body shape and an online profile.

According to Me-Ality, the database consists of more than 200 billion body data points and, therefore, the online Fit Demo feature provides the same sizing accuracy as its in-store counterpart.

Recommendations are based on brand, style, SKU, fabric and color.

"Sixty-two percent of women who shop cannot find clothes that fit," Me-Ality founder and CEO Tanya Shaw told Chain Store Age. "Over $45 billion dollars of clothing is returned due to poor fit every year. Me-Ality is the solution to this problem, having already provided personalized shopping recommendations to more than one million customers nationwide, each catered to best fit the customers' unique body type."

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