McDonald's To Add 75,000 New Hires In China

McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) plans to nearly double the number of employees it has in China this year as the chain opens 300 stores and adds staff at the other 1,700, Reuters reported on Thursday (May 16).

Most of the 75,000 new employees (on top of more than 90,000 in place now) will go to the fast-food giant's stores, including 2,000 coffee baristas for the chain's McCafe outlets, McDonald's told Reuters. The number of McCafes will increase by 45 percent this year to 750.

That should help boost McDonald's share of the fast-food market in mainland China, which stood at 15.6 percent in 2011, according to Euromonitor. That's well behind the 39 percent share for Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM), which gets more that half its worldwide sales from KFC and Pizza Hut outlets in China.

The expansion may also have another effect. Like KFC, McDonald's makes adjustments to how its stores operate depending on the market. In France, for example, McDonald's has rolled out mobile ordering, and expects customers to linger longer at in-store tables, in contrast to typical American customers' gulp-and-go turnover.

But unlike KFC, which has largely stuck with the same standardized (and very successful) processes in the U.S., some McDonald's overseas experiments have made their way to U.S. outlets. The most likely candidates for learnings it repatriates: mobile and in-store ordering technology, including ordering kiosks for quick customer turnaround.

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