McDonald's tests kiosks and tablets

A McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) in Gainsborough, U.K., boasts new technology to help reduce service time and lines. Officially opening over the weekend, the high-tech fast-food restaurant includes self-service kiosks, digital menu boards and tablets. The tablets also allow children to play games, making the experience more family-friendly.

At the self-service kiosks, customers can order and pay with a credit card, Lincolnshire Echo reported. The technologically advanced store will be a prototype for other McDonald's opening across the U.K. in the coming months.

The location will retain its 70-person staff.

McDonald's has been looking to improve the customer experience in the last few years amid rocky financial times. For instance, earlier this year the company began testing customized sandwich orders in U.S. locations, including Atlanta; Portland, Oregon; and Southern California.

Like other quick-serve outlets, McDonald's has been trying to innovate with mobile applications and services. Self-service concepts have been tested at other restaurants but haven't caught on with U.S. shoppers. However, mobile use is much higher and a bit more diverse, making the U.K. test compelling for the international chain.

*A version of this story originally appeared in FierceMobileRetail's sister publication, FierceRetail.

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