McDonald's Tests Build-Your-Own Burgers

McDonalds's (NYSE: MCD) is putting the power in customers' hands with the introduction of a new menu option that allows patrons to customize their own burgers.

The program was just launched in restaurants in Romeoville, IL, and Laguna Niguel, CA where customers line up at one of two iPad ordering stations near the entrance and use the touch screen menu to input their burger order. Customers can pick one of three pre-set combinations, or choose from more than 20 "premium" elements, such as guacamole, grilled mushrooms, and applewood smoked bacon.

On average, custom-made burgers range from $5.79, or $6.79 with bacon, about $1.00 more than McDonald's standard offerings.

"Customization represents another important opportunity for our business," said Kevin Newell, chief brand and strategy officer for the U.S. in a statement reports Fox News. "With these tests, we will have an opportunity to hear directly from our customers in real-time on what they expect from McDonald's in terms of the overall restaurant experience and their ability to further customize their menu choices."

There's no word yet on if the program will be expanding to more McDonald's locations, of which there are about 14,000 nationwide.

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