McDonald's Selling Cameras Online In China? They Really Do Deserve A Break Today

Retailers often try mild variations of their core strategies overseas, but McDonald's is trying an experiment in China that is 360 degrees different than its U.S. strategy. It has launched an E-Commerce site to sell mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3 players.

"The McDonald's Super Value online store was the chain's first online shop" and "it's a strategic media tactic to target the right audience, specifically, urban adults in their 20s," according to this Wall Street Journal story. Beyond the electronics, McDonald's is also selling their traditional food items, but with an auction twist: "McDonald's used an auction system to promote its Value Meals. It posted electronic goods on its Taobao site for close to the retail price, but dropped the price when a user clicked on it. The first user to click on it at the price of 16.5 yuan — the price of a Value Meal, or roughly $2.50 — got to buy the item at that price."