MasterCard, MyWebGrocer and Samsung launch grocery app

MyWebGrocer and MasterCard (NYSE:MA) unveiled the Groceries by MasterCard app at the International CES in Las Vegas this week. The platform will let shoppers buy groceries through a new connected refrigerator by Samsung, with orders fulfilled by FreshDirect and ShopRite stores.

Households can build, share, manage and modify shopping lists, place orders and make payments through the new interface. The app stores payment and delivery information and promises secure transactions.

"The Internet of Things is revolutionizing commerce in every aspect of our lives, from the coffee shop to our own homes," said Eric Healy, MyWebGrocer president. "We've always been committed to improving the way consumers shop for groceries and now we're focusing on new and emerging technologies, such as the IoT and connected devices."

The Groceries app will analyze users' shopping habits to personalize suggestions for future purchases.

The app will come preloaded in Samsung's new Family Hub refrigerator. At launch, consumers will be able to shop and select items from FreshDirect and ShopRite. Other grocers and features will be added, including recipe and video integration.

"ShopRite has been a supermarket leader in digital commerce, making it easy for our customers to shop for their groceries online with our ShopRite from Home service," said Wakefern President and COO Joe Sheridan. "This new technology incorporated into the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator allows families immediate access to our ShopRite stores the moment they run out of food or need ingredients for a recipe or planned meal."

"In a world where every device—from the phone to the refrigerator—is connected to the Internet, the ways in which consumers interact and transact with their favorite brands are changing," said Betty DeVita, chief commercial officer, MasterCard Labs. "We're developing compelling, safe and seamless commerce experiences for consumers across channels and devices as we continue to eliminate the boundaries between how we shop and how we pay."

MasterCard has also developed a companion mobile app which allows multiple household members to add items to a single cart from different devices. Shoppers can also use the mobile app to scan barcodes and add items to the cart.

"By leveraging our Digital Experience Platform's open, API centric capabilities, we're giving consumers the power to transact directly in the center of their meal planning—the kitchen," continued Healy. "We look forward to paving the way for a more connected future and improving consumers' grocery shopping experiences, from recipe collection and list building to ordering and delivery."

The promise of ordering groceries directly from the refrigerator isn't new, but this is among the first real world products available as part of the growing Internet of Things.

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